The world’s first hybrid EMS device that allows training with and without cable at the same time. Actiwave was designed to fit any EMS training needs and any business models, while offering never before seen earning opportunities.

Multiply your revenue with Group Training sessions for up to 6 clients and double the turnover of your EMS microstudio with not just one but 2 or more training sessions at the same time with only one device.


The first and only hybrid EMS device in the world

XBody Actiwave is the next step in the evolution of EMS solutions. It is the first and only EMS training device in the world that is simultaneously capable of wired and wireless training.

XBody Actiwave was developed to empower studio owners by having the freedom to use any training methods they want, so they can build their own business as they want. Be it wired personal training, wireless Group Training, functional, sport specific, indoor or outdoor training, Actiwave is still the only EMS device capable to fit all these training methods. 

Double your turnover with one device

Actiwave’s unrivaled hybrid capability allows studio owners to schedule wired and wireless trainings at the same time with only one device, thus doubling their turnover and effectiveness.

While you would need two traditional EMS devices to do the same, with XBody Actiwave you will only need one. Save on the cost of buying a second EMS device and earn more with this capability.

Vergroot je omzet met small group EMS training

De Actiwave van XBody geeft je nieuwe kansen. Want waarom één persoon trainen als je zes personen tegelijk kunt trainen, en ook nog eens draadloos?

In deze small group setting kun je nog steeds de instellingen per klant afstemmen. Zo kun je meer omzetten, kosten besparen en je trainers efficient inzetten.

When you have an Actiwave in your studio, new business opportunities will open up. Why train only one single client, when you could train up to 6 clients at the same time and multiply your revenue?

With XBody Actiwave you can use its wireless Group Training functionality to train multiple clients at the same time while still paying individual attention and settings to each client. Earn more money, save costs and use your trainers effectively.

How does Actiwave work?

Our in-house Product Development Team has invented and worked out a unique and effective solution for wireless group training. It works on a safe and separated network provided by the XBody Point connecting the Actiwave device and the Actiwear units. With one Actiwave you can train 6 clients wireless (with 6 Actiwears) or 5 clients wireless (with 5 Actiwears) plus one client with a wired connection to the head unit, it is up to you and your preference!

Our XBody Point has its own separated channels, and the network configuration can easily be optimized should there be any intereference with other wireless devices in the area.

Our Actiwear is a mini EMS device itself, once you have adjusted the settings on the Actiwave, it synchronizes and can work alone, meaning you can train without distance limits between the Actiwave and Actiwear, and explore the exciting possibilities our Go-Out function has to offer.

If you have internet connection, you also have the possibility to connect to XBody Online service.

The Unchallenged Champion

XBody Actiwave represents the next evolutionary step in the EMS industry.

Featuring hybrid wired and wireless functionality, functional and sport specific trainings, indoor and outdoor capabilities, a 15″ touch screen, built-in training programs with regular software updates and many new features, this award winning EMS device stands as the pinnacle of achievement in the EMS technology and opens up never before seen business opportunities.

If you want an EMS device that was designed to help your business succeed and grow, Actiwave will give you unparalleled freedom to run your business as you want, and offer any training methods to your clients.



Maximize your turnover with our powerful, versatile and efficient device.

The Hybrid – Wired & Wireless training

Wired training is optimal for classic EMS training with simplified exercises. Wireless training gives you the possibilities and total freedom for all type of sport specific or functional movements, you can even go running with XBody’s wireless Go-Out function.

Dual Training – Two trainings on one device

Thanks to Actiwave’s advanced technology, strengthening and cardio trainings can be performed at the same time, maximizing the utilization of a single device and speeding up turnover. One Actiwave can replace two traditional EMS devices.

Individual or synchronized training programs for 1-6 clients

Set up different training programs and choose the right settings for each of your clients in the group. Modify the settings individually during the training if necessary, providing your clients with personal training experience even during group sessions using our professional operation routines.

Separating sessions & Late Check-in option

Our development team regularly launches new features in their software updates so you can always have the best technology. With some of these major updates, you can now run one or separate sessions during the Group Trainings, which means you can give six separate trainings at the same time. Using the “late check-in option” you can add more clients to the group continually, without having to stop the training of the other clients, making it easy to optimize the use of your devices.

Virtual Trainer Program

The built-in Virtual Trainer Program ensures trainings are optimized and the exercises are implemented the right way, without the need of the trainer doing the exercises with the clients. Using the Virtual Trainer Program lets trainers focus on the position, posture and performance of the clients thoroughly even during a group session with projecting the program on any additional screens (large TV or projector).

Reliable and effective Wireless Group Training

EMS as a Group Fitness method is a new, revolutionary and proven ROI booster service that can be implemented in all types of businesses from microstudios to huge gym franchises. The effectiveness and reliability of our concept has been demonstrated at the FIBO 2017 with more than 500 training sessions in one weekend!


Versatile solution to fit a growing business and satisfy multiple needs

Actiwave’s advanced wireless technology makes it ideal for the Shop-in-shop concept. Its Group Training feature helps to gain increased revenues by creating a group training schedules in a gym and its Go-Out function allows to use EMS while using weights, functional equipment or cardio machines.
Actiwave’s versatility was designed for small studios that want to grow in a risk-free and scalable way. The Group Training and Dual Training features help to increase the revenue, while significantly reducing the investment costs by needing only one EMS device and not two. Its hybrid functionality helps small studios to experiment with different business and training models, letting them try personal, group, functional and cardio training without the need for a commitment.

Learn more about our business models.


Designed to make your business successful.

Actiwave’s Group Training and Dual Training features will open unparalleled business opportunities for you, which can double or even multiply your income.
Actiwave was designed so it can offer the maximum level of flexibility for your business. Grow your clientele with group trainings and try different training methods thanks to the hybrid technology to find the best fit for your business.
If you want an EMS device that stands at the peak of the latest developments in EMS technology and that you can rely on serving you for years, Actiwave is the right choice for you.
Actiwave will significantly reduce your business investments by not having to buy two EMS devices, and it also reduces your operational costs, while increasing your revenue by opening up new business opportunities with Group Training and Dual Program Mode.

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Markus Beispiel
Studio Owner, Berlin, Germany

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Markus Beispiel
Studio Owner, Berlin, Germany


Go-Out function

With the help of the Go-Out function, clients are no longer restricted to be near to the EMS device opening a whole new world of training possibilities. Preset settings are stored on the Actiwear device and it can be used out of the range of the wireless network to enjoy total freedom indoor or outdoor.

15″ IPS Touch screen

Large and durable touch screen, easy to use, easy to learn. The clean graphical display provides a trendy and nice look to the users.

130 x 40 cm

Designed for perfection. You can move it inside your studio, plan your training space around it yet you can also carry it to your clients.

USB & HDMI ports

USB-slot to install the updates and HDMI-port to connect your TV or projector for the maximum comfort of your clients.

XBody Online

Secure WiFi connection to easily manage the training information with our XBody Online service!

12 stimulation channels

Actiwave and Actiwear devices use 12 stimulation channels to stimulate the muscles on the whole body. Shoulder bands and calf bands can be used together as an extension of the regular suit while an optional channel still allows to put on an extra pair of electrodes.

Actiwear: 4x Li-Ion batteries

Actiwear uses high capacity batteries, that you can easily use for a whole day without recharging it.

Regular software updates

Our Research and Development Team continuously works on delivering improvements that make the use of our device convenient, our softwares, features and services up-to-date, and always at least one step ahead of any competitors.

Easy maintenance

Actiwave is designed to excel in making maintenance as effortless as possible. All spare parts are continuously available from our warehouse or at our local distributors.


Multiple stands are compatible with XBody Actiwave, Newave and Newave Med.

Standard stand

The Standard stand fits in every environment, yet its ergonomic and unique design makes it stand out, and it won’t take up more than 2 m² of your space. Due to its light weight, you can transport it easily.

FlowR stand

The FlowR stand makes wired group training easily possible, on the highest level. Installing Newaves to the Flower stand will let you train 3 clients at the same time, but having 3 Actiwaves will give you the opportunity to train up to 3 x 6 clients!

Port stand

The Port stand is always at hand, whether it’s a personal training requested in a client’s home, or during travel or vacation. It’s easy to transport in an elegant suitcase, so the trainer can deliver quality training off-studio.

Wall stand

The Wall stand is a perfect combination of a space saving wall fixture and a portable version. Use it fixed on the wall in your studio, and make it mobile with one simple move if needed. The power supply is discretely hidden for a polished look. It is ideal for yachts and cruise ships as well.




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